I wonder whether or not everyone cherishes the memory of their hometown.  You know, that one special place where we experience our first little friends, perhaps a pet and a yard in which to play.

I was one of the lucky ones.  I grew to age twelve in a small town where there were countless trees to climb, woods in which to play, even an old abandoned quarry with enormous quarry stones on which to climb, play hide-and-seek, and build forts.  Seldom did my little sister and I stay indoors, by choice.

Upon my parents’ divorce, we lived with my grandparents.  Their yard abutted a pasture that contained horses and cows.  How I loved to go into that pasture, pet and hug the animals.  Of course, my grandparents had goats and chickens.  My sister and I named the goats and would go into the small barn to pet them each day after school.

I honestly wonder whether there existed a more ideal childhood anywhere on earth.



5 thoughts on “KASOTA, THEN AND NOW

  1. This is so awesome. I too grew up in kasota until the age of 13. We were never in doors. We lived on the prairie and have so many great memories.

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      1. Then you used to babysit me probably. Our Mom was Punky Zabel! There are six of us siblings and we range like this…Lois Richards, Luanne Sanford, me, Gerri Danner, Steve Zabel, & Jim Zabel. Our Dad and Mom (Wayne & Geri (Punky)) are together in Heaven.


  2. I was born and raised in Kasota. We were usually outside from sun-up until dark. There are so many memories of growing up in a small town. Never once have I regretted where I came from. We played in the quarry forts, played kick-the-can with the neighborhood kids, running through the hose to cool off during the summer, picked flowers and played piano and made cookies with the neighbor lady (Mrs. Brock), and sometimes at night our Mom would make buttered popcorn and all of us and anyone else out in the neighborhood would sit out on our front steps and enjoy. The Zabel household was always open to anyone. Those were the days!


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