Dazie and Jeanie

Hello, and a Heartfelt Welcome to my Kasota, THEN and NOW website visitors!

I was honestly unable to locate a photo to include here, so just kind of went, “Eeny-Meeney-Miney-Moe, and came up with the one above.  Along with enjoying authoring, as you can see, I also enjoy spending time with my American Staffordshire Terrier, “Dazie.” She was how I developed a serious interest in studying to be an Animal Behaviorist.  Next to my husband, she is the love of my life!  I even wrote a book that was published two years ago about her, BAD RAP, The Truth About the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull.  It was published in October, 2014.

I obviously have a passion for the small town in which I grew up.  So, I decided to do some research on that little town so that I could create a website for others to learn from and enjoy.  It really has been a very important little town; primarily in the areas of stone (used in the building of the Minnesota State Capitol Building) and in the area of the railroad.  At one time there were even two railroad stations in Kasota.  One was located in Depot Town section of Kasota, (on the edge of the prairie) the other, up on top of the bluff, right hand side of the narrow road to the Kasota Cemetery.  (I found the remnants of the train depot on the bluff; only some of the foundation underneath the once-upon-a-time walls, remain.) The path I walked to get there, was actually the old railroad bed!  Talk about nostalgia!!

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With warmest wishes, JC Fredlund

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