So Much History, So Little Time

I very much doubt that anyone loved the old, abandoned Kasota quarries more than I. We would spend hours upon hours playing in them; creating forts and little houses inside some of them.

I simply couldn’t neglect to include some of the history of those quarries in both this website of mine, and also in my Facebook, “Kasota, Then and Now” site. For your enjoyment, I have included below a link that will take you to my Facebook site so that you can enjoy lots and lots of Kasota, Minnesota history.

I took this note below from my “Kasota Then and Now” Facebook page where the vast majority of the history is recorded. To find out more, just copy and paste the link below into your computer browser window to go there!!

“I want to make sure that the newspaper article from Fred about the terribly tragic Kasota Fire is posted here on the Kasota, THEN and NOW Timeline. Per Fred, if you go to depot town, the house was a little over a half mile down a gravel road to the west…..” (JC Fredlund) Go to the link below for the story: